Starting Your Business is Easier Than You Think Part 3

Question #3 – Can I Be Rich and Famous Overnight?

Very Rare. In fact so rare that the only ways I know of people to be famous over night is investing in stocks and it just so happens the planets were aligned and you quadruple your investments being a millionaire while you sleep that one night.

This however probably wouldn’t happen being that if you invested that much to stocks you probably wouldn’t be sleeping. You will see websites stating that you can earn BILLIONS of dollars in the first month if you sign on with them. Fake. Just bait especially if you are down on your luck and need a quick buck. Everyone wants fast easy money, and it’s those desperate people who want it in the first month or so. I like to think of people mindsets nowadays as microwave ovens. Instant meal all you have to do is push a button and wait a minute. Even that might be long enough and then your food is ready. Your business should be as slow as starting up a wood grill without the use of lighter fluid. Slow cooking but when it is finished, the taste and the wait makes the food much more pleasurable than microwave oven cooking.

Question #4 – Work from Home or work at Home?

Very Common questions are “Should I work at Home or Should I work from Home?” They sound very similar but have very small differences. When working from home, you have usually an outstanding business outside in the community where you from home is taking control and giving the orders to those who actually go to the workplace in the community. Working at home is you have a business, all online. Usually when you work at home, you have a business online which you maintain.

There is no “Secret” knowledge, just bait that people like you and me cling onto because it is what we are desperate for. There is only one thing I know that you can be successful with, but that takes time and lots of work.