All You Need To Know To Keep Your Motivation


Think positively 

Spend a day monitoring your thoughts and I bet you won’t be able to believe the amount of negative thoughts that go in and out your head, 

We moan about getting up in the morning, the weather, the people with love, the people we work with. We watch about the negative events happening in the news. We judge and complain about other people and we are extremely judgemental about ourselves. We spend so much time thinking negatively it is no wonder that when we try to make a radical change we start to think negatively about it and convince ourselves we can’t do it.We tell ourselves we can’t make a career change because somebody else tried and didn’t achieve it or we don’t have enough time to do it, the list is endless. Thoughts leads to feelings which lead to actions. If you think ” I can achieve my goals”, you start to believe it will happen which leads to you take the actions you need to make it happen. Think “I can” and your life will begin to change around. Think of times when you have achieved difficult goals in the past. If you’ve achieved a difficult goal in the past there is no reason you won’t be able to do it again. 

Surround yourself with positive people 

It is probable you will get people who will doubt your career change. They will ask you questions like “How do you know you’ll succeed?” “Isn’t that a bit of a risk?” “I wouldn’t do that because of x, y and z.” Don’t listen to these people, don’t even stand near them. You can catch negative energy, it will rub off on you. It is quite probably they are questioning you because your career change reminds them they haven’t got the courage to stand up and do anything different or challenging themselves. If you career change feels right for you keep along your path and only speak to people who wholeheartedly support you. This doesn’t mean you should avoid constructive criticism, you can learn from people who can look at your plans objectively but make sure it’s comments that will move you along in your career path not hold you back. 

Failure is a byproduct of success 

It is almost inevitable the during your career change you may experience some kind of failure such as rejection at an interview. Don’t let failure knock your motivation and don’t let the words failure and mistake become negative words. Failure and mistakes are often very positive things, you can learn a lot from them, how to improve and not make the same mistake again. In her excellent book Feel the fear and do it anyway , Susan Jeffers tell us it’s actually good to make mistakes. The fact is you won’t become successful at anything without making some mistakes. Look at when you learned to ride a bike, there were many times you fell off but you learned from your error, got back on and tried again. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have learned how to ride your bike. 

Failing at something is just letting you know there is a better way, you just need to work at finding it. 

Work for five minutes 

If your sofa and TV seem to be more of a pull than the work that needs to be done to change your career, the best way to draw yourself away is to tell yourself you’ll work on your career goals for 5 minutes. Set yourself a short term goal for that five minutes. It may be write a paragraph of a cover letter for a job or send an e-mail. Go and do the five minutes. Firstly you will complete 5 minutes and work towards your goal. Secondly, it is more than likely that once you’ve got the ball rolling you will do more than 5 minutes. You’ll kick start your motivation, you’ll feel better and create some momentum to work on other aspects of your goal. 

Accept that change takes time 

Don’t let a slow pace of change distract you from changing your career. It is very difficult to make lasting and successful change within a small amount of time. It is more than likely reaching your career goal may take determination, persistence and time. Accept that your career change may take a while, enjoy the successes of reaching small goals along the way and enjoy the journey.